Bhutan – On the roads of the Thundering Dragon

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Bhutan, the land of the Thundering Dragon (Druk Yul) is a small Buddhist kingdom hidden among the Himalayas plains and enclosed between China and India

Incredible landscapes, snow-capped peaks, pristine forests are the backdrop for a real journey into the past. More than 70% of Bhutan is covered by forests and a law was introduced in 2008 to preserve them for years to come.

The culture of Bhutan is of Buddhist origin; religion is experienced as a philosophical practice, present in every daily activity. The development of this small state is in fact based on the so-called “National Happiness Index”. The happiness of the inhabitants is therefore pursued and sustainable economic activities are encouraged.

This itinerary is the perfect combination for a cultural and natural adventure in this ancient kingdom.

You will have the opportunity to visit some remote areas that are not known yet by tourism. Starting from Paro, we will travel through the valleys of the central and western regions, to reach the rugged territories of the eastern regions, up to the Indian border. We will cross six of the highest passes and we will travel about 900 km. The trip can also be done in reverse.

The best period is spring, for the splendid rhododendron blooms, and autumn with the changing colors of nature. Winter is cold, but the clear days allow bird-watching; from June to August is the monsoon season in which the fields are of an intense green.

A trip to Bhutan requires a good spirit of adaptation for some long transfers on roads that are not always in good condition and some excursions that require walking to reach the most remote monasteries-dzong. Local guides speak English.

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